For over fifty years, Sithara Limited has created a working environment that is continuously nurturing and progressive. This is why most of our employees too, are longstanding personnel who have grown with the company, never wavering in their commitment for success. We focus on both personal and professional advancement, while encouraging collaboration and fairness across the workplace to ensure all employees are treated with dignity and respect.


Right across our manufacturing cycle, we follow lean and optimized practices to ensure the process we follow today adheres to international regulations, health and safety measures, and most importantly, upholds the highest standards of quality. Our process has been tested, optimized and perfected to complement the excellence in standards for which we as a company has been recognized.


We take pride in the value customers place in our product, and the trust they place in the quality of our brand. We ensure that the investment our customers make is returned with flawless quality products honed over decades of research and development. We employ the latest in technology and state-of-the-art machinery to optimize the use of raw materials, manufacturing products of superior and unparalleled quality.

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