In terms of the industry in which we operate, our company has understood the distinctive role we have to play within the community as a responsible corporate citizen. Our focus and investment therefore, due to the nature of our business is on nurturing the best ecofriendly practices across our industry, within the sphere of our influence.

We collaborate with suppliers to ensure our products are manufactured with the highest quality raw material and safest chemical substances obtainable. Tests are carried out at the point of purchase globally, while adhering to sustainable procurement practices. Tests are also carried out in our state-of-the-art laboratory in Sri Lanka once the raw material is imported.

It is with this same mindset that we also encourage our customers to carry out sustainable practices, sharing ideas and innovative thinking in terms of printing and packaging. By joining global movements that preserve our planet’s resources, we are promoting the use of vegetable oil based environment friendly offset inks as well as evolved synthetic printing material, advanced products that are recyclable, water and tear resistant, for resulting end products that are extremely high in quality, and sustainable.

Other such products include sustainably sourced films for printing and packaging that are compostable and biodegradable. We are emphasizing on the importance of adhering to policies and regulations that govern environmental laws within our country as well as on the global scale in which we operate.

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