Lamination Packaging

As a company specializing in ink manufacturing, Sithara recognizes the critical role played by lamination and packaging in protecting and preserving products during storage and transportation. Sithara has developed high-quality inks that are specifically designed for the lamination and packaging industry, delivering superior performance in terms of adhesion, color consistency, and durability. The company’s range of inks includes solvent-based, water-based, and UV-curable inks that cater to a wide range of lamination and packaging applications. 


Sithara is committed to serving the non-woven industry by providing top-quality printing inks. With its durability, strength, and affordability, non-woven materials are widely used in several sectors, such as construction, agriculture, and healthcare. Sithara’s non-woven printing inks are specially designed to meet the industry’s unique requirements, including superior adhesion to non-porous surfaces and resistance to environmental factors like moisture and heat.

Sithara has a deep understanding of the woven industry and its unique requirements. Their ink formulations are tailored to woven fabric applications and deliver high-quality, long-lasting prints that can withstand even the harshest conditions. Sithara offers a diverse range of ink products, including pigment and dye-based inks that are specially formulated to adhere to woven fabrics and maintain their vibrancy. Their inks are designed to cater to a variety of woven applications, such as home textiles, apparel, and industrial fabrics. 

Sithara specializes in providing high-quality ink solutions for the corrugated packaging industry. They recognize the importance of sustainable and innovative inks that meet the unique printing demands of corrugated packaging. The company’s ink formulations are designed to provide high-quality print performance on a wide range of corrugated substrates, including coated and uncoated papers. Sithara’s extensive experience in providing ink solutions enables high-speed printing, resulting in increased productivity and reduced downtime. 


For the flexible film industry, Sithara focuses on creating innovative and sustainable inks that can withstand the rigors of printing on flexible packaging materials. Sithara’s flexible film inks are designed to provide vibrant colors and sharp printing that can bend and fold without cracking or breaking. Their ink formulations are specially crafted to meet the specific needs of the flexible film industry, including excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials and scuff and abrasion resistance. 

Sithara provides high-quality printing inks for the paper and boards industry. Expertise in this industry enables the company to develop specialized inks that meet the unique printing requirements of paper and board surfaces. Sithara offers a versatile range of inks suitable for various applications, including magazines, books, brochures, and packaging. With advanced technologies and materials, their inks are durable, resistant to fading, and offer excellent print quality.